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This book is dedicated to the millions of U.S. Marines, who through war and peace has secured the free world’s movements on the seven seas.

In December 1976 we were young, diligent and full of enthusiasm. When we were given the opportunity to meet Captain Kurt Carslen, who had just retired from his life-long service as a merchant mariner, we departed immediately for Woodbridge, New Jersey. It was indeed a great honour to capture his personal and his personal and highly treasured version of the events in the North Atlantic ocean as they truly had happened during the X-mas and new year of 51/52.

November 2011: We are sitting on the main cargo hatch of the old coaster “Caroline S”, bound for it’s home town Svendborg – one of the most historical important harbours of Denmark. On board is the first batch of the danish version of the book about Carlsen. Captain on the bridge, is Jens Rytter. He was the person who had the honourfull task of spreading the ashes of Kurt Carlsen at sea.

In between us, is the the original life buoy from Flying Enterprise – once held by the highest decorated mechant mariner this world have seen. It is a moment of great pride and breath taking historical magnitude.

Fate, destiny and the lord’s ways are wonderfull and unpredictable. Bjarne Bekker, author


  1. Is this still an active website? I’m Dan Salazar and I have some stories to share regarding the SS Flying Enterprise. Please reply.

    • Hello Dan.
      I’ll send you a email. But I’m very interested in your story. Where do you live? – still sailing or retired like me? I’m 76 years old – visited New York and New Jersey 10’th of January 2012.

      • “OMG” Bjarne, thank you so much. In all my computer nerdiness I finally refound your blog again.I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife of 10 years, this month. I’m 87 years young and the 4 years I spent in the US Navy from 1948 to 1952 provided me with the opportunity to write about the SS Flying Enterprise and Captain Curt Carlsen. That story and many more are included in my autobiography, “Before the Silver and Beyond the Gold” which was published in 2008 and available through Create Space or Amazon.

        Your life sounds fascinating, I want to read some of your stories. By the way, my story of the SSFE begins on page 126 and ends at 133.

        I am fully retired since 2009 after many years in Aerospace Electronics. I loved the Navy and sailing…

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