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Please take a look – Kurt Carlsen at e-book

Posted by on 3. januar 2013 in Last news, Uncategorized | 1 comment

IN JANUARY IT’S POSSIBLE TO TAKE A LOOK inside the book. You can zoomm and read, but not download. The book is protected by the law of international...

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The Maritime Museum of the Islands – with Captain Carlsen and Flying Enterprise

Posted by on 27. december 2012 in Last news, Not categorised | 0 comments

In a small Danish island at the South Funen Archipelago a museum about Kurt Carlsen and Flying Enterprise will open in the summer of 2013 an opportunity to relive the drama of the Atlantic in 1951-52. It happens when Øhavets Maritime Museum opens department “Flying Enterprise & Kurt Carlsen”. Maritime Museum is housed in a farmhouse from 1921 – and some other places at Funen and the small Islands. The 240 sqm is totally rebuilt and has a hand-built, 15-meter-long copy between rafters of Newfoundland schooner ‘Fulton’ of Marstal It was on board ‘Claudia’ from Marstal Kurt Carlsen in 1932 for the first time crossed the Atlantic…. (updated)...

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