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The voice from the past. The voice from the Atlantic

The voice from the Atlantic

It is one of those gorgeous October days in Silkeborg in 2011. Erling Horslykke Andersen has just been in the attic to get his father’s steel tape recorder. The metal thread, less than a millimeter thick is wound from reel to reel through a magnet head. The transformer that adjusts the power to 110 volts is just as aged as the rest of the equipment, none of which has been used for decades.

“We’ll give it a try,” says Erling who is a ham operator just like his father, the legendary radio dealer, Knud P. from Silkeborg. Seconds later, Captain Kurt Carlsen’s voice can be heard in the room. The voice from the past. The voice from the Atlantic. When Kurt Carlsen and Kenneth Dancy went ashore in Falmouth, Knud P. Andersen was there with his Webstar Chicago. It was on the table in Silkeborg for those 13 days when Carlsen’s voice became world famous. Here it is again and gives new life to the ditty: “Do you know the song about Carlsen Carlsen and his listing ship…”

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