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For the sake of America, said the telegram

He had been the leader of convoys for the US navy more than 100 times during the Second World War. He knew, to put it mildly, all the surprises the weather gods could come up with in the area between Iceland, Murmansk and Europe. So Captain Carlsen’s thoughts were elsewhere as he sailed towards Hamburg via Rotterdam. In his warm captain’s cabin which contained several powerful radio transmitters and receivers, he maintained contact with his ham radio friends all over the world. There were beach mariners, landlubbers, other captains, a cratfsman from Munkebo on the island of Funen, King Hussein of Jordan and his best friend, Knud P. Andersen in the town of Silkeborg. They had been very close friends since before the war and there was good chemistry between them.

They could talk about anything on the radio from new inventions and the building of radio transmitters in cigar boxes to seaside holidays with the family at the North Sea. The Jutlandian radio dealer was a unique person. A champion car racer, a maestro in a sports plane, a skilled cinematographer and not least a ham radio operator. Actually, Kurt asked the radio hams in Denmark to pass the word to his parents in Elsinore that he would be paying them an extraordinary Christmas visit. But then a very important telegram came from Hans Isbrandtsen couched in unusual terms – something about for the sake of America.

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