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»My Aunt wrote a poem at the time of the sinking of Flying Enterprise in 1952…«

Mr. Bekker.

Doing a web search for my Aunt, Edna Ruffell, on the wreck of the Flying Enterprise I found reference to a museum in memory of Curt Carlsen and also reference to Captain Carlsen Park, New Jersey. I am touched at the wealth of video, newsreel and articles I have found this morning in my web search and the obvious lasting affection for him and his story around the world. My Aunt, who is from Cornwall UK near Falmouth, the port the ship was being towed to, wrote a poem at the time of the sinking in 1952 and I would like to email a transcript of the poem to the Museum. Please would you be able to give me an email address contact for the Museum curator so I can make contact. I am intrigued by reference on your website to a film of the drama of the Flying Enterprise and would very much like to have details of how I can obtain a dvd copy.


Dear Mr. Lloyd Richards. Thanks for the letter with your Aunt Edna’s fantastic poem from 1952. I’m member of the Danish seamen choir ”Caroline Choir«, and I’ll ask my friend, a composer, to make a melody – and after that I hope we can sing the song for your Aunt – and the whole world too! Below is the very nice poem from the past – and a picture of Edna Ruffell, still going strong, 80 years young 😉
Many kind regards from Bjarne Bekker, The Captain Carlsen Museum, Denmark.

Edna song


You can read Edna’s own story from the fantastic days in January 1952 here. And here’s a pdf with the song. Edna’s song

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